Privacy Policy


• Premium Aged & Community Services recognises and will meet our legal and ethical obligation to respect the rights of clients & staff to privacy, dignity and confidentiality.

• In handling your personal information Premium Aged & Community Services is committed to complying with the Privacy Act 1988, and the Australian Privacy Principles 2014.

• Section 170 of the Children & Young Peoples Act 1998 outlines the responsibilities of agencies to retain records of all children and young persons for a period of seven years after they cease to have responsibility for the placement of the child or young person. At this time, such records become state records under the State Records Act 1998.

Premium Aged & Community Services will ensure that a client’s right to privacy in their lives, their personal information and property will be maintained.

• The service recognises and respects the worth of all people, and will support people as valued members of the community.

• Premium Aged & Community Services will ensure that systems exist which maintain client confidentiality at all levels.


Australian Privacy Principles 2014:
Premium Aged & Community Services complies with the Australian Privacy Principles.

Principle 1: Open and Transparent Management of Personal Information
- Privacy and confidentiality policy and procedures will be maintained and available for viewing by anyone, and will be reviewed regularly.
- Staff will disclose the purpose of obtaining personal information and how it will be used.

Principle 2: Anonymity and use of Pseudonyms
- Individuals will be permitted to provide information anonymously or under a pseudonym, except where it would be impractical or unlawful.

Principle 3: Collection of Solicited Personal Information
• Client information will not be disclosed to any person or organisation without the specific and written consent of the participant and/or guardian unless:

- Legislation requires that the information be released;
- The information is subpoenaed for court proceedings;
- There is a legal requirement or an overriding public interest. For example; a client tells a staff member in secret that a regular visitor sexually assaults a client. Although the client should be consulted about disclosing the information, it is clearly essential that the information be reported.
- It is a condition of funding agreements to release specified information.

Principle 4: Dealing with unsolicited personal information
- Any information obtained about a client that has not been solicited will be destroyed responsibly.

Principle 5: Notification of the collection of personal information
- When information is collected about a person they will be notified of the purpose for collection.

Principle 6: Use and Disclosure of personal information
- In circumstances where personal information about a person is required to be shared with another body or organisation for the purposes of service delivery etc, it will only be done with authority from the person concerned.

Principle 7: Direct marketing
- The organisation will not use information obtained about anyone for the purposes of marketing.

Principle 8: Cross border issues
- Personal information will not be shared with any overseas person or organisation unless authorised by the person concerned.

Principle 9: Adoption, use or Disclosure of government related identifiers
- The organisation will only use unique identifiers for any person and will not adopt those used by any other organisation or government department.

Principle 10: Quality of personal information
- Information will be kept up to date with regular reviews and updates

Principle 11: Security of Personal information
- Personal information will be kept secure and any access will be in accordance with Confidentiality procedures

Principle 12: Access to personal information
- Any requests by a person to view their personal information must be made in writing and will be actioned within 30 days. No information will leave the building and will only be viewed once identity has been confirmed.

Principle 13: Correction of personal information
- The organisation will take all reasonable steps to ensure that any information held is correct.

• Where a client requires assistance in performing their personal activities the service staff will ensure that such assistance is offered in ways which support the maintenance of a client’s dignity.

• Clients and staff will not use or involve themselves in the property or lifestyle of others without specific permission to do so.

• The service will ensure that clients have the facilities to have private telephone conversations, and visits with friends, family advocates etc. when appropriate.

• Staff will not discuss client’s issues with families without the client’s and/or guardian’s permission.

• Where a client is unable to give consent to the release of information the service will contact the client’s guardian

• Service staff will not discuss client’s issues outside of the service without specific consent of the client (see Employee Code of Behaviour)

• Service staff will only discuss those client issues which are relevant and necessary for effective service provision.

• The service will support clients in taking responsibility for their lives and the decisions they may choose to make.

• The service will support clients in the right to enjoy:

- privacy and confidentiality
- information management
- self determination
- freedom of movement
- freedom from abuse
- personal money management
- service provision
- personal property
- relationships and sexuality
- lifestyle and household issues
- the opportunity to offer feedback


Should you believe that Premium Aged & Community Services has breached this Privacy Policy or the Australian Privacy Principles, you can complain by contacting Premium Aged & Community Services. All complaints are documented and we will respond to complaints promptly.

How to Contact Us

If you would like to contact us about our services, obtain access to or change your personal information, or make any other enquiry please call our head office.

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